Enligt Koranen har judarna rätt till landet väster om Jordanfloden

Jerusalem, Capital of Israel: An Islamic Prophecy – Ali Salim
It is a violation of the will of Allah to sidestep calls for recognizing Jerusalem as the official capital of the Children of Israel, and moving the American embassy there. It ignores the prophecy of the Qur’an, which predicts the return of the Children of Israel to their land from the four corners of the earth, as it is written in Al-Isra, Verse 104: ”And we said to the Children of Israel after him, ‘Dwell in the land, then, when the final and the last promise comes near, we shall bring you altogether as a mixed crowd.'”
    In the Qur’an the Children of Israel are mentioned countless times and they are mentioned as the Chosen People, as it is written in Al-Baqara, Verse 47, ”O Children of Israel, remember My favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds.” They are mentioned as inheritors of the Holy Land which, according to all the Islamic commentators, is Jerusalem and the country around it.
Nearly a century ago, when the Turks went back home, the Children of Israel came from all the corners of the earth, as it is written in Al-A’raf, Verse 137, ”And we caused the people who had been oppressed to inherit the eastern regions of the land and western ones, which We had blessed. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of what they had patiently endured.”  (Gatestone institute)

Turkish Activist: Hatred of Jews in Muslim World Stems from Misinterpretation of Koran – Sinem Tezyapar
It is true that there is a widespread hatred of Jews in the Muslim world. However this does not stem from the Koran, but from various interpretations that do not reflect the spirit of Islam. The way to put things right is for people of reason and good conscience to educate people against terror, radicalism and fundamentalism. (Ynet News)


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