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Who We Are

As the largest pro-Israel grassroots organization in the United States, Christians United for Israel is also the only Christian organization devoted to transforming millions of pro-Israel Christians into an educated, empowered, and effective force for Israel.

Christians United for Israel, D C Summit July 23-24, 2018


Join us in Washington for the National Christians United for Israel, D.C. Summit with Pastor John Hagee & Erick Stakelbeck. July 23-24, 2018

Register now at

John Hagee, the founder of CUFI ( 4 million members0 delivers the benediction at the opening of the Jerusalem Embassy tomorrow.
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Nästa år i Jerusalem!


Ännu ett bevis på Guds existens – att vinna med en så dålig låt!

  • Israels Gud nitälskar för Jerusalem
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Netanyahu anställde en jude som tror på Jesus

Netanyahu Hires an Israeli Jew Who Believes in Jesus

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 |  Israel Today Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office made waves this week when it hired long-time pro-Israel YouTube activist Hananya Naftali as its new deputy social media adviser.

Israel Today has featured Naftali’s informative video clips a number of times. The material is as solid as it gets.

What makes Naftali ”controversial” for many Israelis is his unabashed faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

We avoid calling Naftali a ”Messianic Jew” because in a previous video he himself denied belonging to any particular denomination, instead explaining that he’s ”just a normal guy who made his own decision to follow Jesus.”

It is very symbolic of the rising status of Israeli believers in Yeshua that Naftali would be hired by the Prime Minister’s Office despite being so open about his faith.

In fact, Netanyahu’s social media adviser Topaz Luk said in remarks to The Jerusalem Post that Naftali is a ”superstar” who brings a lot to the table when it comes to online pro-Israel advocacy.

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Nu vet alla att avtalet med Iran är baserat på lögner – Kommer EU ändå att försvara avtalet?

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PS 83 kan drabba Islamska Staten Iran inom kort om inte mullorna städas bort snabbt

Hjälp mot Guds folks fiender

83 En sång, en psalm av Asaf.

Gud, var inte tyst,
    var inte stilla och stum, Gud!
Se, dina fiender larmar
    och de som hatar dig
        höjer sina huvuden.
De smider listiga planer
        mot ditt folk,
    de rådslår mot dem du beskyddar,
de säger: ”Kom,
        vi utrotar dem som folk
    så att ingen mer minns
        Israels namn!”

Enigt rådslår de med varandra,
    de sluter förbund mot dig:
Edoms tält och ismaeliterna,[a]
    Moab och hagariterna,
Gebal, Ammon och Amalek,
    filisteerna och Tyrus invånare.
Även Assur ansluter sig till dem,
    han lånar sin arm åt Lots barn. Sela

10 Gör med dem som med Midjan,
    som med Sisera och Jabin[b]
        vid Kishons bäck
11 när de förgjordes vid En-Dor
    och blev till gödsel på marken.
12 Låt det gå deras stormän
        som Oreb och Seeb,
    och alla deras furstar
        som Seba och Salmunna,
13 eftersom de säger:
    ”Vi ska ta över Guds betesmarker!”

14 Min Gud,
    låt dem bli som virvlande löv,
        som agnar för vinden!
15 Som elden slukar skog
    och lågan sveder berg,
16 så ska du jaga dem
        med din storm
    och skräckslå dem
        med ditt oväder.

17 Fyll deras ansikten med skam
    så att de söker ditt namn, Herre.
18 De ska skämmas
        i skräck till evig tid,
    de ska skämmas och gå under.
19 Låt dem veta att du ensam
    bär namnet Herren,
        den Högste över hela jorden.

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Breaking LIVE: ”Israel Is Ready To Bomb Iran” (Middle East Boils Over)

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USA:s prioritet är att Iran inte tar över Syrien

Haley acknowledged regional concerns and said, “We all know our work in Syria is not done.”

BY MICHAEL WILNER APRIL 15, 2018 20:48 Via The Jerusalem Post


WASHINGTON – Deterring Iran’s entrenchment in Syria is one of US President Donald Trump’s top three priorities there, guiding his policy-making on where to station troops in the war-torn country and for how long, US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley asserted on Sunday.

Her statement comes amid reports of strains between the Trump administration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government over the US role in providing a buffer between Iranian troops and Israel’s border. Trump in recent weeks has vowed to pull US troops out of Syria entirely, prompting alarm in Jerusalem that Israel’s fight against Iran would be waged alone.

In interviews with a series of Sunday morning shows, Haley touted the success of a joint strike conducted by US, French and British forces over the weekend that sought to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for his use of chlorine and sarin gases against civilians in the town of Douma on April 7.

She said the strike was prompted by the president’s commitment to prevent the normalization of chemical weapons use, calling it a top priority of his administration.

A second priority, Haley said, was the complete defeat of Islamic State forces that once held territory in Syria.

“Then, thirdly, we want to make sure that the influence of Iran doesn’t take over the area,” she said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “They continue to cause problems throughout the region, and we want to make sure that there is a hold.

The allied strike on Assad’s chemical weapons infrastructure set the program back “years,” Haley said. The ambassador ruled out direct US talks with Assad over ending the conflict because of his “brutality” in targeting innocents throughout the course of the war.

Haley said the operation was not intended to overthrow the embattled dictator or “start a new war” in a country now seven years into a bloody conflict among forces loyal to Assad, opposition groups and terrorist organizations.

It was rather meant to send a message that “the president is watching,” Haley said. Assad, she continued, “now dictates his own life.”

Regional powers responded to the strike with a collective shrug, as even the Pentagon acknowledged the attack would not necessarily prevent Assad from continuing to deploy chemical arms.

Netanyahu, for his part, welcomed the strike, while adding that Iran’s march across Syria was of equal concern to Assad’s use of chemical weapons – and equally warranted military action.

Haley acknowledged regional concerns in her interviews and said, “We all know our work in Syria is not done.”

Friday’s precision strike volleyed more than 100 missiles at three targets that US officials said were critical to Assad’s chemical weapons program, including a research and development center, processing facilities and storage facilities.

“This was not muscle flexing,” Haley told CBS’s Margaret Brennan. “We set their chemical weapons program back years.”

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