Kurdiska imamer predikar att den som kämpar mot Israel kämpar mot Allah själv och kommer inte till himlen

Kurdish leader Brian Abbas: “An independent Kurdistan is good for Israel”

Brian Abbas, the director for public relations at the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, told JerusalemOnline in an exclusive interview that an independent Kurdistan is a strategic interest for Israel, the US and the entire free world.

May 26, 2016, 11:30AMRachel Avraham
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Brian Abbas Photo Credit: Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria

Brian Abbas, the director for public relations at the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, told JerusalemOnline in an exclusive interview that “expanded ties with Kurdistan is good for Israel in a number of ways. Economically, you have a large trading partner with about 35 million people to consume Israeli goods. You have an ally that you can buy oil from without worrying whether the proceeds will go towards terrorism. You have plenty of places to invest money in and hopefully see returns. Also, you have an ally in the region who will openly support and recognize the Israeli state.”

“Israel is surrounded by enemies at all sides,” Abbas declared. “You may have trading partners in the region but you don’t have any states to rely on as allies in the region. You have been at war with all of you neighbors at one point or another. The Kurds count Israel as our ally and friend in the struggle against extremism. In Kurdistan, our imams preach that if a Muslim goes to war against Israel, they will not see heaven when they die. They say that the Jews and Israelis are people of God and to fight against them is the same as fighting against God. I don’t think the same can be said in other areas of the Middle East.”

Abbas stressed that should the US start to support an independent Kurdistan, they will enjoy the same economic and security benefits that Israel will should they support Kurdish independence in addition to having the added benefit of conducting a war against ISIS without having to place boots on the ground: “They will also have a strong, pro-Western ally to help bring stability to the Middle East. Furthermore, the US will no longer have to worry about the refugees because we will provide them with a safe and stable home in Kurdistan.”

According to Abbas, given these reasons, both the US and Israel should be working towards an independent Kurdistan: “An independent Kurdistan will come sooner or later. Israeli goods and US involvement is welcome in Kurdistan. This is the perfect time for Israel and the US to help shape an independent Kurdistan and to ensure that the Kurds maintain pro-Western beliefs. Not supporting the Kurds creates the risk of driving many Kurds into the hands of non-Western players. Lack of US and positive Turkish intervention has driven many Kurds into the hands of the PKK, which is bad for the West and bad for the Kurds. Imagine what the Middle East will look like in the next 20 years without an independent Kurdistan. You will have nothing but instability and fighting, the two things that extremists feed upon. Peace and war can both be contagious. Let us show the world how to bring peace to the Middle East.”

“The Middle East has long been lacking stability,” Abbas proclaimed. “The reason why everybody is talking about the Kurds is because we provide stability, security and freedom. The Kurds are a largely untapped powerful force in the Middle East. The Kurdish regions of the Middle East are some of the very few areas where people of all ethnicities, religions and cultures can live in peace. The one thing that the United States, Russia, Germany, Europe, etc. can agree upon is that the Kurds are good for stability in the Middle East. There may be growing pains in the formation of Kurdistan but the benefits that it will bring to the Middle East are numerous.”

Among the benefits of Kurdish independence for Israel that Abbas noted is that trade agreements with Kurdistan can ensure that Israel has the money to defend itself; that Israel can be ensured of a steady supply of oil even if other countries cut off the oil supply to the Jewish state; and the Kurds will be willing to fight beside Israel in future wars in exchange for military aid at this crucial time. He stressed that the Kurds presently need money, medical equipment, arms, heavy weapons, and public support: “We need everything.” According to Abbas, should Israel provide this, the Kurds will forever be on Israel’s side. He also added that the creation of a stable Kurdistan will diminish terrorism within the region, help to stop the flow of foreign terrorists into Syria, and in the long run, will also decrease the likelihood of war: “When people live stable lives, they are less likely to go to war.”

“Make no mistake, Syria and Iraq are still a powder keg of instability,” Abbas noted. “They have the potential to produce terrorists and Islamic extremists for decades to come. Allowing an independent Kurdistan to flourish will provide a model for other states to copy and to show them that you can have tolerance, freedom, and stability in the Middle East. While Israel provides those things too, having a second example in the Middle East should only reinforce this example of success.”


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