Palestinierna försöker fortfarande spela på det gamla motbjudande antisemitiska kortet ”Judarna dödade Jesus”

Mufti: “The same group [Jews] that wanted to deceive Jesus… is still attacking Palestine”

A Muslim leader, on official Palestinian Authority TV, revived the antiquated anti-Semitic canard that Jews attacked Jesus.

Anti-Semitism has always been an integral part of Palestinian Authority (PA) ideology. PA hate speech demonizes Jews, saying Jews have been an evil force in all countries where they lived.

The PA also incites acts of terror against Jews through media, at cultural and sports events, education and more.

Most recently, in an interview on official PA TV, the Mufti of Bethlehem revived the age-old Christian libel against Jews, blaming them for persecuting and attacking Jesus.

The Mufti also claims the Jews are doing the same to Palestinians today.

Watch and hear what terrible lies the Mufti tells Palestinians about the Jews.

Om Peter

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