Antikrist sänder floder av antikrist till Europa

BOMBSHELL: The Antichrist Is Sending A Flood Of Muslim Migrants Into Europe To Destroy Christianity (Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled)

By Walid Shoebat

Across Europe, countries are trying to deal with the escalating flood: ships carrying the migrants are docking every day in Greece and Turkey and trains are overflowing with immigrants making their way north to the heart of Europe. What most are unaware is that Scriptures warned of this but few even know where to look.


First lets set the stage. Three countries with the most liberal asylum policies are they key in the hand of Antichrist. Out of Turkey, the flood of Muslims are spewing out into liberal Germany, Austria, and Sweden.

In Germany, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says they can receive up to 500,000 refugees a year for several years. This would mean that Germany, in a decade or two at the most, will end up in Islam’s grip.

Germany — the nation taking in the lion’s share, an estimated 800,000 by year’s end — has continued to lead the way. The ‘Hitleret’ of Germany, Angela Merkel said her nation should be “proud” of its response. Now Muslim migrants are pouring in through Turkey from countries as far-flung as Pakistan and Bangladesh.


To understand all this, what I am about to say will offend; some to see the narrow gate, others (most) will further harden their hearts; Germany is setting itself for a serious punishment accepting this massive flood. Germany, after all, was the embryo in the West of the most vile trinity to ever hinder the Church: The Arian heresy (which denied the Holy Trinity), Martin Luther (who set the runway for the Holocaust through his vile tract, The Jews and Their Lies) and then it gave birth to Adolf Hitler, one vile gargoyle who used Luther’s work mingling it with pagan superstition and created Nazism.

And when I speak of Luther, I do not speak of every Protestant. Heavens no. The current Pope is not as great as many Catholics believe, he errs as the Copts did, (when they allowed Muslims to immigrate and Islamize the whole of Egypt), he is also encouraging Europe to open its “flood” gates for this Muslims to enter.

While this would take books to assess the case for such an evil trinity, to understand this recent flood of migrants into Europe, for months, before this migrant incident sparked, I have been writing on Revelation 11-12 narrative, which both righteous Catholic and righteous Protestant agree upon, that is:

the Ark (at the end of Revelation 11) is seen in heaven, this woman (the Ark) then gives birth to a male child, who is attacked by a Dragon, “called the Devil, and Satan“. The woman flees into the wilderness, while the child is taken to heaven, leading to “War in Heaven“, in which the angels cast the Dragon out. The Dragon now takes to attacking the woman, who is given wings to escape the dragon who attacks her with a flood from its mouth, which in the end isswallowed by the earth. Frustrated, the dragon then goes to make war on “the remnant of her seed” identified as the righteous followers of Christ.

This does not take a rocket-scientist to understand if we only get in-tune with The Spirit of God. Therefore, we will put together the biblical images so you can comprehend what is happening. First we need to identify who this “woman” is and what is this “flood” and what is “swallowed by the earth” all means? Who is this “dragon” and who are “the righteous followers of Christ”?

All this is interpreted from within Scriptures itself. The “flood” is “water” and in the Bible, ‘waters’ ‘rivers’ and “flood” represent peoples from different nationalities:

 ‘And he says unto me, the waters which thou saw, where the whore sits, arepeoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.’ Revelation 17:5

There are two women, one is holy, whom her seed will be the Son of God and the other (where the whore is) gives birth to Antichrist and is involved in sending out her seed, this “flood”, stemming from the whore’s religion. The “flood” is eventually “swallowed by the earth”.

This “flood” are the Muslims, as we see today, migrating and flooding the West to eventually “declare war on the strongest fortresses” (Daniel 11). The U.S., Europe and Russia which are “the strongest fortresses”.

The “swallowed by the earth” is when these peoples are sent down to “the pit” which eventually swallows the flood. Anyone can do a search in Scripture for “the pit,” and pin-point exactly who these “nations” “peoples” and “multitudes” and “tongues” are.

“The Pit” and all the nations that go in it are summarized in Ezekiel 28-32 where it gives us the literal names of every nation that goes into the depth of the earth and everyone of them is Muslim. They are “Sidon” (Lebanon), Ezekiel 28: 20-24; “Egypt” – “which will become a desolate waste land” where “they will know that I am Jehovah.” Ezekiel 29:9; “Cush” (Sudan), “Put” (North Africa), “Lydia” (Turkey) and “all Arabia, Lybia and the people of the covenant land will fall by the sword along with Egypt.” Ezekiel 30:5. “Assyria is there and all her army…fallen by the sword”. “Elam” (Iran) is there with all her hordes around her grave”… “Meshekh and Tubal” (Turkey and the ‘Stan’ nations) are there with “all their hordes around their graves”. “Edom” (Jordan and Saudi Arabia) “is there, her kings and all her princes”; despite their power from the oil (which the nations “drink her wine” and her religion) they…”go down to the pit.” Ezekiel 32:22-29.

Just search the Bible for “the Pit” and you will see how “the pit” is repeated several times and includes these very peoples. 

The holy woman is obviously Mary which represents the Church and to a certain extent also Israel, whom her Son Jesus The Christ will redeem. (1)

In order to explain it all, we even must digress further where many err, somewhat, when they strictly apply an Israel centric view; John the Revelator gives a strict interpretation that “her seed” is “the righteous followers of Christ“. This is impossible to refute. These are the sons of Mary, and no gymnast of Scripture can refute this: “her seed” are “the righteous followers of Christ“, so we better start honoring Mary and call her “blessed” as Scriptures mandate. Why the Bible says “the righteous followers of Christ” implies that there are other followers, but those think they are righteous when they are not. Remember, ten virgins, five are but empty talk with no action.

This “woman” cannot be interpreted in a ‘strict-sense’ to being secular Israel; yet it doesapply to some sense that Israel is also included, which is about to be redeemed and converted to her Son: Israel’s Messiah. So Israel is also engulfed by the dragon’s armies.

Europe plays a crucial part in prophecy. It is unlike what the lazy servants say. Christianity stemmed from Jerusalem to finally settle in Turkey and Europe. And then from there unto the utmost parts of the world. Turkey was conquered by the Dragon and now Europe is in Turkey’s crosshairs. This is significant.


And to even digress further, it is here where many err. They interpret Europe, what is in the crosshairs of Turkey, as the “beast” and “kingdom of Antichrist,” that including Russia as “Magog” and the “Harlot” as “Rome”. All what these “lazy servants” do by not carefully examining the text of Scripture, they commit slander; to accuse someone of being “Gog” and the “Antichrist,” when they are not which constitutes slander.

These too as a consequence of such grievous sin, will fall into the grip of the dragon, who when the Muslim dragon floods Europe, and later on fights against Russia, and will also attempt to destroy Rome, they will rejoice alongside with the Muslim saying “alas alas” when Rome is hurt all the while this “alas alas” is regarding the real Harlot city, Mecca in Arabia (see Isaiah 21).

They will do this just as they initially did when the pre-wounded beast, Turkey, at The Battle of Lepanto, joined the flood of invaders, headed for conquering Europe (learn morehere and here) where the Catholic League (their supposed Harlot), defeated them, including Antichrist Turkey, and spared Christendom the utter destruction. It was good-riddence when the Calvinists who joined the Muslims ended up swallowed by the sea.


While Pope Francis also errs, calling on religious communities and Catholic parishes across Europe last Sunday to take on the crush of Muslim migrants that have been pouring into the continent recently, it is Protestantism’s embryo, “Germany” that is spearheading Europe to drink this flood for years to come.

It was back in February when ISIS declared that evil intent, to “flood Europe with Muslims” see “ISIS Threatens to Flood Europe and Elsewhere as ‘Libyan Refugees,” by S. Noble, Independent Sentinel and now this very flood (and lets pay close attention), is stemming and is being spearheaded from and by Turkey, not just ISIS in Libya.

Months before, paralleling ISIS’s promise, Erdogan declared: “I call on developed countries, notably in Europe, to be more sensitive in the face of human dramas,” Erdogan said in a speech to business leaders in Ankara, a day before a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors.

To comprehend all this, we need to journey in the Bible to unlock other symbols. What is on the horizon is yet another “sign” from Revelation 12 where the woman wars with: “anenormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads”. Its tail will “sweep a third of the stars out of the sky and will fling them to the earth”.


The connect between the Muslim migrants stemming today from Turkey and “the flood” stemming from the dragon, is key to unlocking the riddle. This “red dragon” is the source of the flood. Today no one argues, this flood of immigrants are stemming from all Muslim nations, like rivulets, into Turkey, where from there, they “flood” into Europe, the heart of the western church which is the promise by Islam; to first invade Constantinople (Turkey) then Rome (Europe).

John is clear, there is a “moon” resembling “the devil” and the “dragon” where other places in Scripture identify it as “crescent” (Isaiah 14, Judges 8, Isaiah 44-45). Also, when it comes to the Book of Revelation John predicted that an Antichrist will arise who resurrects “an image” (an emblem) of a wounded empire:

“He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.” (Revelation 13:14)

We know more about this “red dragon” as John in Revelation even included the very colors of their “breastplates” with are the colors of “fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow” (Revelation 9:17).

This also stems from Turkey’s favorite colors in which the Ottomans prided themselves with the “fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow” which are also the colors of the neo-Ottomans flags which are resurrected today:


The emblem of the Ottomans (breastplate) can also be viewed here:

It is also crucial we understand the circle surrounded by the crescent. It is called the Tughra, the Royal insignia of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire which usually has the name of the Sultan or the Bismillah “In the Name of Allah” from the Arabic, as we stated in our book God’s War on Terror.



“Tuğra functioned as a signature of the sultan, a symbol of dynasty and a state emblem at the same time,” says Mustafa ÖztÜrk, writing in his work “Ottomans’ Coat of Arms”, adding that the Tughra lost its function as state emblem in the final century of imperial rule. Yet this is no longer the case. It is being revived as we shall see.


And then we come into understanding how Islam designed this to strictly resemble the Muslims flooding into Europe. To examine all this takes a keen eye that is able to put a puzzle together. The extended two circular egg-shaped artistic parts in the Tughra above represent the Black Sea (the smaller bulge) and the Mediterranean Sea (the larger bulge); the two are to be ruled and protected by the Ottomans.

According to the Tughra Analysis and Form the emblem represents a ship (see anchor in image below) with the flags representing the sails and the spear and shields hung upon them. They explain that:

“The three vertical letter “alef” (III) with what appears three looking squiglies represent ship masts with the sails going westward to invade and conquer the west [Europe].”

The two books (red and green books in the image below) “represent the Quran” and the other “represents the law” which is extracted from the Quran (Sharia) and the scales on top of the Quran represent the justice of Islam. One can see the artistic ship in the image below (at the bottom) carrying all this. This antithesis of the Lady of Guadalupe (the Virgin Mary), including what her image resembles, was meant to reverse what God did and bring back the dragon’s control to dominate Christendom. According to the designers, the emblem was to invade Europe. The dragon attempts to mimmic John’s image of the woman clothed with the sun and the twelve stars. In the Tugra, the shield between the flags represent 12 stars of the different areas of control under the Ottomans and the glow of the bright sun represents the Sultan ruler with the turban which can be seen over the shield. At times one of the flags is green representing the Muslim Caliphate which Green is its color.


Osmanli Devleti Nisani Yeni - The House of Osman - Peter Crawford


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  1. Luther was NOT a Calvinist, and the Shoebath’s lie when they say he was a supporter of Islam. He was very skeptical and i have the writings of his to prove it.


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