Galen muslimsk profetsia om deras Imam Mahdi (vår anti-Krist)

Published on May 24, 2014

Imam Al Mahdi pbuh (Muhammad Ibn Hasan al Askari pbuh) informed that the sun will rise from the west soon closing the door of repentance.

He pbuh has interpreted the rise of the sun from the west to mean the rise of the dajjal from the west(America). America, the present seat of dajjal(antichrist), will be destroyed and dajjal will take his accursed seat in Jerusalem!

To make this transfer from America to Israel, and to have humanity enslaved by dajjal, there will be a staged alien invasion in FIFA World Cup, 2014 in Brazil.

Imam Al Mahdi pbuh has said that this staged alien invasion will occur.

Repent before it’s too late and take refuge in the Lord of the Worlds! If you want to know if this is true, ask your Lord!

Imam Al Mahdi a.s sent his messenger Ahmed Al Hasan Al Yamani but many didn’t believe in him. Then Imam Al Mahdi pbuh called upon some Ansars to believe in himself pbuh, but many denied him pbuh. O’ ansars and non-ansars who haven’t believed in the call of Imam Al Mahdi pbuh, accept him pbuh before the door of repentance closes!

The following accounts are used by Imam Al Mahdi pbuh:…

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