Satan in the Bible = Allah of Quran


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Lite sunt tänkande skadar inte – blodmånen kommer och går utan spår…

The Most Amazing 100% Accurate 12 Predictions For What Will Happen On Tomorrow’s Blood Moon (Sun, 9/27/2015)

By Walid Shoebat

A rare confluence of an amazing supermoon set to happen this weekend has prompted such widespread predictions of an impending events nearing the apocalypse. Out of all the predictions out there,, offers 12 amazing biblically based predictions. Not only do we predict exactly what will happen after midnight tomorrow, but we also predict that even our predictions will be viewed as the most blood-moon accurate:

While we predict that a third of the forrest, fish and grassland will not perish, we predict that the moon will be amazingly seen to the naked eye as have expanded in size. The sun and the stars will not diminish their light, but in the United States the moon will have a red tint which makes it appear larger than normal. Millions will see the moon immersed in the Earth’s shadow for one hour and eleven minutes in the U.S. The last the 3 previous blood moons they predicted that “something will happen”. Nothing happened and the blood moons were not seen in God’s center of the earth in Israel.


Tomorrow, amazingly, the sun and the earth will not stand still, yet the stock market will.

Unlike the sun and the earth, the Stock Market will stand still on September 27th, 2015 just as it stood still on September 13th, 2015 where many thought it would be moving shortly after.

We predict the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P will be unmoved by the moon. We can even accurately predict (to the cent) that tomorrow the Dow will be 16,314.67, the Nasdaq will be at 4,686.50 and the the S&P will be at 1,931.34.

777 eco

We predict that the numbers of fools prophesied by Solomon the Great, King of Israel, will dramatically decrease after tomorrow night as they see our predictions unfold in front of their naked eyes.

We predict that the Mormon author, Julie Rowe and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as well as Mark Blitz and John Hagee will be issuing statements as to warn the fools who were prophesied about in the Bible by King Solomon. During his reign from circa 970 to 931 BC, Solomon always predicted that there will be a sect called “the fools”. This sect will comprise of the “deceiving while being deceived” telling everyone they were “not into date setting” and that they “have never claimed to be prophets” while they secretly bogo for profits.

Many will be offended at our predictions and they will offend one another. The wiser will say “where are the signs. We have been moon gazing far too long” while others will say “we must await, a little further”.  Tomorrow we will unlock the secrets to what Solomon prophesied about regarding this ancient sect Solomon called “the fools”.

We predict that we will be condemned on our comment line for calling the false prophets “false prophets”. Many others will say that they were “true prophets, just wait” while others will say “these never claimed to be prophets”. They will insist that we “must wait and wait and then … wait”.

Many will run to a fro tomorrow and things will seem upside down where one fourth (the narrow gate) will be right while three fourths (wide gate) who are wrong will condemn them; religious Rabbis and pastors on the right will be in error while the non-rabbinic non-pastoral on the left will be right (see example here at 6:26 and watch the fat one condemn him see 8:49):

Don’t forget to watch 18:28 where the wise checkmates the fools, Jesus style and watch the Rabbi turn his head back and forth.

We predict that many pastors will lead many to ignore the wise proclaiming themselves as wiser than scientists, historians and astronomers, even wiser than Solomon himself.

We predict that strange bedfellows will spiritually copulate under the red moonlight tomorrow, similar to what happened in the Sinai during the Exodus of Moses. Mormons and Messianic Hebrew Roots will agree to gaze at the moon. Many, instead of blaming such harlotry on these prophets, they  will say that the Jesuits are the source of all evil. We predict that Jesuits will be slandered and called “untrue prophets, sons of the devil who drank the blood of the Manichean, Bogomil and Valentinians saints just because they  insisted that good works does not save”.

We predict that many homes in Utah will equip themselves with special shelving for emergency water, beans, wheat and books on blood moons.

These are our short term predictions.

Our long term prediction is that the killers of all these Bogomils are the true saints while the slain (including the moon gazers who think they are the true saints,) will end up weeping  and gnashing their teeth.

But you need not to worry, this is our long term prediction (you still have time), and since our short term prediction will be 100% accurate tomorrow night, we ask that you trust, our long-term prediction will just be as accurate. So be warned of these Bogomils: they bogo for money and mill nonsense.

bogo copy

P.S: I know that I fooled you with the title, but how else do you expect me to fix you? The foolish fish will always gaze at the red Salmon egg just as you gazed at the blood moon.

Now you can go back in the water, its your lucky day, catch and release. These other fishermen will not be as merciful where you will end up their dinner, so next time do not bite the Salmon egg and stop gazing at the moon.

sb copy

These Blood Moon predictions where also in the sixties :-)

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Håller de 10 nationernas pakt mot Iran att formas? – 10 Sunniledda arabstater

Is The Ten Muslim Nation Confederacy We See Forming To Fight Iran’s Expansion, Is The Same Ten Nation Confederacy Spoken By Daniel?

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

This war is no longer a war about Yemen, but a formation of a Sunni coalition they call itAl-Tahaluf Al-A’shari, literally the Ten Nation Confederacy which the media in English calls Ten Sunni-led Arab states.

In response to U.S. abandonment of Saudi Arabia and a response to Iran’s threat to the region, the Sunni Muslim world has risen to form a major unified force. The Coalition never informed the U.S. of its actions in Yemen fearing the U.S. is flirting with Iran.

Caricature of this new alliance is shown in the Arab media as a right-arm fist portruding out of the earth with the mark “There is No God But Allah and Muhammad Is His Messenger” the flag, badge and emblem of Islam stemming from Saudi Arabia. It is the pride of Muslims to mark their right arms and foreheads with the mark of Islam. It also reminds of Daniel 4 which speaks of Babylon leaving the tree stump of its roots in the earth, bound with a band of iron and bronze while re-arising, not in ancient Babel in Iraq, but in Dumma, Kedar and Arabia as Isaiah 21 prophesied prior to God’s final judgment “Babylon is fallen is fallen” (Isaiah 21:9, Revelation 18:1-2, Revelation 14:8) in which Iran will finally give it a death blow.


sc2 copy

One wonders is this what the Bible speaks of, the ten horns representing ten kings, and all is left, is an eleventh, a little horn which comes up among them who is the Antichrist (Daniel 7:8, 11)?

One must admit, the temptation to make such declarations can arise as we see the events unfold on daily basis, but let the wise increase in patience which is the wisdom in not rushing to conclusion. The bronze nails in Daniel 7:19 points to a Grecian, not European entity. And with its teeth of iron and its nails of bronze (Daniel 7:19), there are ten nails and only time will tell if 20 to 30 other states (iron teeth) joins the ten nation confederacy under this umbrella. And we have additions, foreign ministers from 22 Arab countries agreed to form a unified military force on Thursday, approving a draft resolution designed to counter growing security threats in the region.

Is what we see a prelude to something greater, or if Erdogan of Turkey becomes more active in this confederacy, or if even this confederacy grows to be some fulfillment, is very interesting, but only time will tell. “Its nails of bronze” must be alluding to the correlation of the ten toes to the Grecian Empire. This is deduced because bronze as is accepted by biblical scholars represents Greece which today is Asia Minor. Revelation 17 also speaks of the ten kings will be joined by another king—an eleventh (the little horn)—who is the Antichrist, the ruler over the entire fourth kingdom (Daniel 7:8, 11).

sc5 copy

The Council of the League of Arab States at the summit level meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh March 26, 2015  in Egypt agreed a draft resolution on Thursday to form a unified military force, in a move aimed at countering growing regional security threats. The agreement came after warplanes from Saudi Arabia and Arab allies struck Shi’ite Muslim rebels in Yemen on Thursday, in an effort to check Iranian influence in their backyard without direct military backing from Washington. This major confederacy arose as result of US President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy increasingly relying on surrogates rather than direct US military involvement, a major cause for forming alliances of Sunni states to thwart Iran’s incursions. The Middle East’s top oil power did not even inform the U.S. on its  action in Yemen and only spoke to the U.S. just before Thursday’s unprecedented air strikes against Iran-allied Houthi rebels.

k2 copy

Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, said “the concern was, if Aden falls, then what do you do?” al-Jubeir told a small group of reporters on Thursday. “The concern was that the situation was so dire you had to move.” In other words, Saudi Arabia can no longer depend on US security umbrella that has long been the main thrust of Washington’s relations with the oil-rich kingdom.

And such concerns are not without merit, Riyadh has been growing increasingly assertive since early 2011, when Washington’s reluctance to back former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in the face of mass protests led the Saudis to doubt its commitment to traditional Arab allies and especially after the worsening Yemen conflict forced Washington to evacuate all remaining US special forces from the country, further undermining the US campaign of drone strikes against the most lethal branch of al-Qaeda based there.

But the huge ramification is now quite clear, Mecca is what drives this ten nation confederacy in Yemen, is the latest front in a growing regional contest for power with Iran that is also playing out in Syria, where Tehran backs Assad’s government, and Iraq, where Iranian-backed Shiite militias are playing a major role in fighting.


“The Arab … ministers agreed on adopting an important principle, which is forming the unified Arab military force. The task of the force will be rapid military intervention to deal with security threats to Arab nations,” Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby told reporters after the meeting, Reuters reported.

And this confederacy, as it seems, means business. Al Arabiya reported a massive 150,000 Saudi ground troops have been mobilized along with fighter jets and naval units, as part of the move codenamed, “Operation Decisive Storm.”  Egyptian TV reportedly said that the Arab League will coordinate with the chiefs of staff of the various Arab nations’ armies to organize the new Ten Nation Confederacy force within one month. Egyptian officials also announced that a ground invasion of Yemen will follow the airstrikes. This, including a naval blockade has been imposed by the Saudi ship Asifat Al-Hazm (Firm Storm) on a strait that connects the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, and provides passage to the Mediterranean Sea. The strait is used by Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia, among other nations. Four Egyptian vessels were spotted en route to secure the Gulf of Aden, off the city where President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was based out of after leaving the capital city of Sanaa, and before being forced to flee the country. Both Sudan and Morocco announced that this war is in defense of their beloved Mecca. The Sunni Alliance fears Shiite talk of shift from Mecca to Karbala. Any harm on Saudi Arabia means to harm Islam’s Qibla, the direction to the image, the meteor in Mecca which over a billion Muslim prostrate towards daily.

k1 copy 2

And such support for this Sunni coalition is not only by secularists, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest body of Islamic states, affirmed its support for the deal and the ten state confederacy.

Iran’s rise to power, forced the Arab world to respond to the unprecedented threats on multiple fronts in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria, all of which are in end-times context biblically. In Yemen (biblical Teman) Houthi militants believed to have Iranian backing have taken over large swathes of the country including its official capital. In Libya (also becomes part of a future league in Ezekiel 30,38) a civil war is raging between a government that controls the capital of Tripoli, and the internationally recognized government — aided by Arab and Egyptian airstrikes — based out of the city of Tobruk. In Syria (see Isaiah 17) a civil war has raged on for four years between President Bashar Assad’s government, which is backed by Iran (biblical Persia), and loose coalitions of militants, as well as ISIS which has taken over significant portions of Iraq and Syria, has expanded into Libya, and has been drawing membership from across the Islamic world, recently gaining the loyalty of Nigerian Boko Haram and claiming responsibility for a deadly terror attack in Tunisia.

sc4 copy

“The Arab … ministers agreed on adopting an important principle, which is forming the unified Arab military force. The task of the force will be rapid military intervention to deal with security threats to Arab nations,” Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby told reporters after the meeting, Reuters reported.

There is no doubt that a shift and confederacy buildup has happened, but for it to be the final culmination,  Persia, its enemy must ally with Turkey despite the Shiite Sunni divide which will later unravel again on the Mountains of Israel. This healing is unlikely to happen until a false peace treaty is first established. It is then that the focus shifts by both Sunni and Shiite coalition towards the persecution of both the Church and Jerusalem which will exclude some Arab states: “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.” (Revelation 12:3). In Ezekiel 38, both Persia as well as Meshech and Tubal (Asia Minor Turkey) are involved as well as Libya and Egypt (Ezekiel 30) in a “league”.

The beginning embryo and realization that such states can unite is already made firm, but for a seven year peace deal, there needs to be turmoil, which we are witnessing on a daily basis already. This military power will force the Houthis to accept a resolution within days or weeks. This will take Iran back to the drawing board as Russia will play the peace maker. And while Iran harbors its hate, eventually, both Sunni and Shiites will realize that the warring has no end and one sinister plan will be devised to unite the fractured Muslim world which sees the turmoil lasting seven years beginning in 2011 at the rise of the Arab Spring. Such unity cannot happen unless a scapegoat is found: Israel. As the days come, the Middle East is realizing, why is Sunni killing Shiite while Jerusalem remains “un-liberated”? This is the outcry currently on the streets of the Muslim world, and if the devil would make a statement it would be: “for not killing Jews, ISIS I hated”.



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