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Jim Bakker: God Told Me 1st Horse of the Apocalypse Is Now Released, Trump Is Respite Before the End

(SCREENSHOT: HTTPS://JIMBAKKERSHOW.COM)Jim Bakker (R) speaking on his ”The Jim Bakker Show” program in Missouri on May 1, 2018.

Controversial televangelist Jim Bakker has claimed that God spoke to him as he was reading Revelation 6 in the Bible and told him that the first horseman of the Apocalypse has been released upon the world, with President Donald Trump being a ”respite” before the End Times.

Bakker, who regularly talks about the end of the world on his weekly television show, and sells food items and survival gear meant to aid believers in perilous times, said earlier this week that he recently asked God some big questions in prayer.

”You need to give me some answers. What is going on in this crazy world — there is such warfare amongst our own people, in America,” he pleaded.

He then said that he opened up his Bible, and God ”brought me back to where I preach all the time, Revelation 6,” namely the narrative about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Bakker shared with the audience the exact words that he says God told him:

”Now listen to me. Donald Trump is a respite in these troubled times, and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what’s coming on Earth.”

Bakker argued that the first horse of the Apocalypse has ”started to ride,” as God revealed to him, and said that the horseman is not Jesus Christ, but the ”evil spirit of the Antichrist” that is ”conquering the world.”

He read from Revelation 6:2: ”And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

The televangelist interpreted that the rider is ”riding throughout America,” and that ”he hates the Gospel, he hates the United States.”

He urged believers to prepare for the end of days and for the harvest times that are coming.

”God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight. We have a president people think is crazy,” he added, speaking of Trump.

”They call him crazy, but he’s making peace treaties, he’s doing all the things to try to solve the world’s problems and God has put him on Earth. God spoke to me the other night, He said, ‘I put Donald Trump on Earth to give you time, the church, to get ready.'”

Bakker, who lost his Praise the Lord Ministries in the 1970s and spent five years in prison for financial wrongdoing, claimed last month that Trump is being targeted with assassination attempts.

He said that ”there are probably 100 hitmen hired to kill Trump, or more. I know this in the spirit. He is so hated that they want him dead.”

Speaking of his time behind bars, he reflected: ”There are people I’ve met in prison that for not money, but for fame, would kill the president if you gave them a few hundred dollars.”

While there have been various claims and analyses about how Trump’s presidency fits in with End Times narratives, including by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, authors of Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, other biblical experts have refuted the suggestions.

Some have speculated that the U.S. president is ”the last trump’ before the End Times mentioned in I Corinthians 15:52. Dr. Samuel Lamerson, professor of New Testament and president of Florida’s Knox Theological Seminary, told The Christian Post in January 2017 that such connections are ”ridiculous,” however.

”First of all, it only works in the English language. The New Testament was written in Greek. Second of all, it only works in the King James Version and some other older translations. Many other translations will have ‘trumpet’ instead of ‘trump,'” Lamerson told CP at the time.

”It’s a textbook example of how not to read the text,” Lamerson added. ”It’s what we would call an exegetical fallacy.

”These ideas that somehow the current president is named in the New Testament is the sort of thing that I teach my students to avoid at all costs.”


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Rent folkmord mot kristna i Nigeria: Över 6000 slaktade, mest kvinnor och barn

‘Pure Genocide’: Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly Women and Children

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(PHOTO: REUTERS/CREDIT AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE)Villagers stood at a mass grave in Dogon Na Hauwa, Nigeria, in 2010.

Church leaders in Nigeria have said that Christians are experiencing ”pure genocide” as 6,000 people, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Fulani radicals since January.

”What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately,” said the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State in a press release last week.

The church leaders said that ”over 6,000 persons, mostly children, women and the aged have been maimed and killed in night raids by armed Fulani herdsmen,” which is prompting their cry to the government of Nigeria ”to stop this senseless and blood shedding in the land and avoid a state of complete anarchy where the people are forced to defend themselves.”

The press release also pleaded with the international community, as well as the United Nations, to intervene in the Fulani attacks, fearing they might spread to other countries as well.

”We are particularly worried at the widespread insecurity in the country where wanton attacks and killings by armed Fulani herdsmen, bandits and terrorists have been taking place on a daily basis in our communities unchallenged despite huge investments in the security agencies,” they added, saying President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to bring attackers to justice.

They referenced several mass-scale attacks this year, including the slaughter of over 200 people, mostly Christians, at the end of June in raids carried out by the herdsmen on local area farmers near the city of Jos.

Although some international news media has sought to characterize the killings as a land conflict between community groups, the church leaders, along with major persecution watchdog groups such as Open Doors USA and International Christian Concern, have all said that Christians are being deliberately targeted.

”We reject the narrative that the attacks on Christian communities across the country as ‘farmers/herdsmen clash.’ The federal government has been so immersed in this false propaganda and deceit while forcefully pushing the policy idea of establishing cattle ranches/colonies on the ancestral farming lands of the attacked communities for the Fulani herdsmen as the only solution to the problem,” the press release declared, accusing the government of also pushing such a narrative.

”How can it be a clash when one group is persistently attacking, killing, maiming, destroying; and the other group is persistently being killed, maimed and their places of worship destroyed? How can it be a clash when the herdsmen are hunting farmers in their own villages/communities and farmers are running for their lives?” the church leaders asked.

”How can it be a clash when the herdsmen are the predators and the inhabitant/indigenous farmers are the prey? Until we call a disease by its real name and causatives, it would be difficult to properly diagnose the disease for the right curative medications.”

There have been different reports on the number of Christians killed in Nigeria since the start of the year.

The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, Intersociety, stated on Tuesday that a combined total of 1,750 Christians, along with non-Muslims, have been killed both by the Fulani herdsmen, and by Boko Haram radicals, who are a separate terror group.

Intersociety also warned of a genocide in its statement.

”Nigeria is drifting to [a path of] genocide through killing, maiming, burning and destruction of churches and other sacred places of worship, and forceful seizure and occupation of ancestral, worship, farming and dwelling lands of the indigenous Christians and other indigenous religionists in Northern Nigeria,” it said.

Roman Catholic Bishop William Avenya of Gboko separately told charity Aid to the Church in Need that the world cannot wait for a full-on genocide before deciding to intervene.

”Please don’t make the same mistake as was made with the genocide in Rwanda,” he pleaded, referring to the massacre of Tutsi people in Rwanda, where close to 1 million were killed in 1994.

”It happened beneath our noses, but no one stopped it. And we know well how that ended,” Avenya said.


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Ett märkligt krav

Petterssons gör skillnad!

Jag vet inte vad ni känner, men nog är det märkligt att SD ständigt krävs på lösningar till dagens alla problem.

SD är ju de facto det enda av riksdagens åtta partier som inte har någon som helst skuld till alla de problem Sverige och svenska medborgare lider av.

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SVERIGE I VÅGSKÅLEN! Förändring i Moderaterna #Valet2018

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Asia Bibi har nu suttit 9 år i fängelse för frågan ”Min Gud dog för mej – vad gjorde Muhammed för er?”

Pak-Christians remember Asia Bibi on the 9th anniversary of her arrest


Mehwish Bhatti, Lead Officer for the British Pakistani Christian Association gathered with other Christians to mark Asia Bibi’s 9th year in captivity with prayers for her freedom and release.

A narration of her arrest and the incident leading up to it was presented from the BPCA website (click here) on July 14th 2018, exactly 9 years on from her original arrest for blasphemy. Faithful Christians raised prayers and expressed hopes for the gates of her jail cell to opened and for Asia to be reunited with her family.

Young boys held signs saying, ”Asia Bibi Pakistani Christians are with you,” and ”We are praying for Asia Bibi.”

Hanging on the curtained wall a poster is hung that states ‘Pakistani Christians want freedom for Asia Bibi.’ Resonating with the heart’s desire of Christians across the globe; who all desire swift freedom for the beleaguered inmate incarcerated in draconian conditions for almost a decade.

Mehwish Bhatti. said:

”We stood together and prayed in agreement for the release of Asia Bibi.”

In an interview from 2015, Asia Bibi’s husband Ashiq stated her resolution to stand firm in her faith (click here) :

”Asia believes she will be set free and her faith is unquestionably, unshakable! She is extremely proud of her Christian faith and would never deny God.”

”Asia cannot stay in Pakistan for a single second after her release, her enemies will kill her. I hope that the Pakistan government will protect my family when she is free and allow us to leave for a safer less hostile location. We have received offers of asylum in several western nations, and I will not regret leaving Pakistan the land of my ancestors, as we have seen too much animosity here. We will leave with no regrets.”

Brave legislators, lawyers and judges have lost or risked their lives for speaking up for her or for opposing the archaic blasphemy law, the list of martyrs includes:

Former Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer and former Minister for Minorities Shabbaz Bhatti both of whom were martyred for attempts to raise concerns over her incarceration and calling for a review of the infamous blasphemy laws. An early timeline of events leading up to Shabbaz Bhatti’s assassination can be read (here) .

Ashiq expressed thanks for their incredible sacrifice

”Governor Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti the former federal Minister of Minorities, met with us and publicly declared Asia’s innocence. They lost their lives speaking up for us and we are extremely grateful. They had great faith in the legal system of Pakistan and we fully believe the Supreme Court will release Asia Bibi on appeal. We believe in a mighty God who will set Asia free.”

Passions are still high. Recently an attempt to assassinate Ahsan Iqbal is believed to have been triggered by his opposition to Pakistan’s brutal blasphemy legislation. (click here) 

Earlier this year the European Parliament spoke with concern about Asia Bibi but then rather supinely sanctioned Pakistan’s human rights record by claiming it had improved. We can only hope that foreign governments will speak up for not only this simple woman who never intended to be a heroine of the Christian faith but also for those Pakistani Christians who continue to be targeted and abused in similar fashion. Nations have to do more than just watch these violations of human right transpire, their lack of action has plausibly allowed global extremism and intolerance to increase with the impact now being felt on their own shores.

It is now three years since Ashiq expressed his hope for what the foreign governments might do for Asia Bibi. Asia’s husband said:

”I want the British government to negotiate with the Pakistani government and sort out possible ways to free Asia. It has been almost six years for her in prison, how much longer must she stay locked up?”

BPCA continues to ask this question of all statutory authorities who may be able to assist her, but one thing is certain, God has not forgotten Asia Bibi and neither should we. Hebrews 13:3 (NLT) tells us:

”Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.”

Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA recently spoke to CBN about Asia Bibi’s plight:

BPCA has removed its former petition which had attained close to 20,000 signatures. We launch a new one today which we hope will be a measure of the continued support of Asia Bibi and a reminder to Pakistan that the world is watching their mistreatment of our innocent sister in earnest. We call on people across the world to support this petition by applying their signature that Asia might know that she has not been forgotten; and that prayers and support are as fervent today nine years after her conviction, as when she first began her torturous journey to freedom.

Please sign our petition by clicking (here)

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

”Sister Asia has lost some of the most important years of her life due to the intolerance towards Christians in a highly radicalised Pakistan. Her once young children are grown up but their desire for the company of their mother has never waned.

”Asia has suffered several assassination attempts and is forced to cook her own food due to attempts to poison her. Her sanity is eroding due to the severe isolation forced upon her and the depression caused by failed appeals against the trumped up charges that have destroyed her life.

”The nation of Pakistan must now release this innocent woman before her health fails her – she has suffered enough through no fault of her own. Moreover the pernicious blasphemy laws of Pakistan have to be terminated they serve no purpose in modern day society and are not even sanctioned by the Quran. Moreover what divine being would need man-made laws for protection?”

He added:

”We will continue to pray for Asia Bibi and are encouraged by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’s commitment to hear Asia Bibi’s appeal. We hope that the day of her appeal is set soon as any further delay only serves to reduce further Pakistan’s poor reputation.”

A crowd of about 55 people met on the evening of the 14th of June, 2018 at Dhok Syedda Glory to God Church Rawalpindi. The meeting was lead by BPCA officer and Senior Pastor Tariq who preached from Psalm 91 which says how GOD able to protect us from the attacks of Satan and is a shelter or refuge for those who trust in Him. In the meeting, Asia’s story was told besides the sermon, people sang in worship to God and prayed for both Asia Bibi and her family.

BPCA officer Mehwish Bhatti said:

”I believe prayer is the strongest weapon a Christian can hold. Although law enforcing agencies have failed to provide justice to Asia Bibi our Hope lies in the Living God. Pakistani Christians are standing with our beloved sister and will continue to pray for her.”


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Turkey Threatens War Between Cross And Crescent

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The Watchman Episode 96: Israel and Iran Collide on Golan Heights

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